Disadvantages Of Game Addiction

Every living creature has needs and wants. For us human beings, the main needs can be identified as food, clothing and shelter. But, with the advancements in the world people also think a lot about their education, entertainment modes and etc. People choose different ways to keep themselves entertained such as listening to songs, watching movies, reading books and etc. With the modern technology, we can see the young population excessively being attracted towards video games. Unlike three or four decades ago, today’s children have the sources and different modes of access to these games. But, it is sad to see that most of them are addicted to games at a very young age. Playing a video game once in a while for entertainment purpose is not a bad thing at all. But, being a game addict can have many negative impacts on your life. 

Kills time

Having all the necessary reliable gaming equipment can be like being in heaven for a child who loves video games. Boys are more attracted to playing video games than girls. Education is an important part of our lives and we only get a few years to study and be qualified in order to get a good job. But, it is certainly a pity to see many young children being game addicts because it can easily ruin a good future for them. It is very important to realize that time is very valuable and that you cannot buy time back.

Bad for mental health

Game addicts tend to be stuck in the same routine. Their lives would simply consist of playing video games, eating and sleeping. For most of these people, having computer gaming accessories would be more than enough. This is very unhealthy because the person would have no contacts with the outside world. Hence, it can make the person socially awkward and cause many mental illnesses. Sometimes, it can get worse up to the level that the person needs to be rehabilitated.

Neglecting what is important

We have certain roles and responsibilities in life to fulfill. Some of these are mandatory to be attended. For an instance, you cannot neglect your family and keep on playing video games because at some point the bond will be broken and family is important. So, no what is important and what is not. Game addiction can leave you with the above disadvantages. It is important that you focus on what is important if you like gaming. Moreover, if you see a child getting addicted to gaming, make sure to provide necessary advice and support.

The Pros And Cons Of The Internet

The internet has been available to us for a few years now. It has been tremendously useful for us. The way we work has changed too. The internet has created many industries and supported many. Nearly everyone uses the internet today. We can even access it from our phones. This allows us to be connected 24/7. The most valuable companies in the world are based out of internet services. Technological progress has skyrocketed. Surely, the internet has had a positive impact on the world. This doesn’t mean the internet has been all good. There are certain issues that has made the internet a tool of wrongdoing. Here are Pros and Cons of the internet.


Business is faster

The internet has given a boost to businesses. Everything we do has become faster. We can easily communicate with everyone around us. Companies have been able to utilize the internet to become more competitive. When the internet was commercially available in changed the world of business. This change allowed many industries to benefit from it and many new ones were created. The internet has become a very useful medium for marketing. Companies can also store their data in HPE hyper converged servers and so on. This gives protection.

Increase in socializing

People are able to socialize with easily today. We are able to connect with people around the world immediately. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp has allowed us to stay connected with our friends. People are able to connect with old friends while making new friends.

Creation of new companies

New companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook were able to exist because of the internet. Further, Hewlett Packard enterprise, Apple and Microsoft were able to grow because of the internet. This also created many new jobs for the economy. Today the IT industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. See this site for further information regarding hpe hyper converged 380.


No privacy

Because of the internet people don’t have privacy anymore. Everything is there on the internet. Many companies use these details to advertise to their target audiences. This is beneficial for the companies but it is a breach of privacy for the individual. Further, hackers are able to hack into everywhere and leak sensitive information.


Internet addiction has become a major problem. This is a common issue for many teenagers. There are glued to their phone or computer browsing the internet the whole day. Even adults are affected by this. This issue can lead to breakdowns in their lifestyle. They can become unhealthy and sick. Further, the are no more productive and become a burden on the economy.